Semalt Expert Speaks About SEO Professional Qualities 

What should a good SEO be? SEO is becoming an increasingly complex and knowledge-intensive field. In 2021, it is not enough just to be able to draw up technical specifications for copywriters and buy links in exchanges, as was the practice 5 years ago. The requirements for those who apply for the status of a specialist have grown greatly.

And although more and more people are working on the market, the number of those who can provide a good result is practically not increasing. And all because search engines take into account a much larger number of factors, and you need to approach the project in a comprehensive manner. This is the only way to achieve a stable upward movement of the growth curve.

Optimizers are not given university degrees. Here you just need to always keep your finger on the pulse of trends, learn quickly and have some versatile skills. They often overlap strongly with skills in some other related areas.

Not all of them are vital, however, a number of the most important things can be identified, the relevance of which will continue to grow in 2021 and the coming years. No one is born with them, so if you understand that you have a clear "failure" on some of the points, nothing prevents you from closing this gap with theory and practice. It is the practice that often decides.

And here are the professional qualities, which in our opinion, are the most important to be a successful SEO specialist:

Analytical thinking

A fundamental requirement on which a person's ability to find solutions to problems depends. The optimizer does not need to know everything, and it is hardly possible. But when he/she understands which information is needed, he/she must be able to collect it, organize it, compare data, calculate the consequences of specific decisions, etc.

The skill of analytical thinking is used in SEO at almost every stage of project development. Technical skills allow you to translate ideas into reality, but to formulate these very ideas, an analytical mind is needed.

A lot of information on search engine promotion is in the public domain, no one except the search engine engineers themselves knows exactly how their algorithms work. Therefore, a specialist needs to constantly analyze other people's sites, set up experiments, draw conclusions, and, based on this, form the strategy and tactics of his / her work.

Ability to prioritize

Multilevel work in different areas in SEO requires the optimizer not only to understand what and how to do, but also to understand in what order the tasks should be performed. For example, first, a technical audit and error correction is carried out, and then an analysis of competitors and a study of landing pages, and not vice versa.

The order in which the implementation of the project recommendations is carried out depends on a large extent on when and to what extent the client will begin to receive the first results. Prioritization is necessary so that the most important tasks are performed first, which will provide good returns and increase the effectiveness of promotion in the future.

Making decisions

Professionals in any field are forced to constantly make decisions about the work processes in which they are involved. SEO is not an area where it is easy to make predictions. Here you will not be able to come up with a strategy that could be approved once and for all, and then will not deviate from it. You will constantly need to think about what your next step will be.

You will not always have clear numbers and reliable statistics, so you will need to look for compromises, make hypotheses and learn to make decisions that will be optimal in this particular situation, here and now.

Flexibility in approach

Every site is different, and what works for one client may not be of any benefit to another. In addition, niches, budgets, site status, age, and many other parameters differ. That is why a professional approach to promotion requires flexibility.

The optimizer must learn to change the strategy at any time without delay, and also be flexible to adjust the list of tasks as needed because in SEO there is no single right solution that will work for everyone.


Even if the SEO is working as an independent freelance specialist, he / she needs to cooperate with other people who take part in the work on the project. These are layout designers, programmers, copywriters, client-side managers, etc. And the more complex the site and niche, the more people will be involved in the promotion.

Many clients simply do not understand most of the nuances of SEO, what works and how, and why it is necessary to do it this way and not otherwise. And for the cooperation to be comfortable, you need to be able to explain it to them. Therefore, the ability to find a common language with different people is an invaluable skill. Especially if you want not only to convey your point of view to the interlocutor but also to convince him/her of its correctness.

Ability to work with content and semantics

Content creation is an integral part of modern SEO strategy. The content attracts traffic from search, converts visitors into customers, allows you to receive backlinks and, with a skilful approach, makes it possible to form a loyal core of the audience around the brand.

Content creation is based on the collection and analysis of keywords that are used as reference markers for writing material and its further optimization. Therefore, the optimizer needs to be able to effectively work with tools for collecting and processing the semantic core, filtering out useful queries from "garbage" ones, etc.

It is not surprising that the demand for specialists who know how to work with content and its optimization at a good level will only grow.

Analysis and automation

Automation of not only routine but many other processes is a current trend. The advantages of using specialized programs and services are obvious, this affects the success of solving not only individual tasks but also the promotion strategy as a whole.

As the project progresses, the SEO specialist has to solve an increasing number of tasks, while having limited time resources. That is why it is so important to understand and learn how to work with automation tools because then, you will become an invaluable asset for the company whose website you are promoting.

Services for analyzing competitors, tools for collecting and clustering search queries, tools for working with texts, and, of course, tools for generating reports. The list goes on, but one tool is enough to simplify your life and speed up your work at times: it is the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

What should you know about the Dedicated SEO Dashboard?

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD) is a multi-task, white-label SEO platform. It offers all the required web analytics and audit tools needed to monitor the success of SEO campaigns. With the DSD, your clients will easily track all vital indicators and reveal the existing optimization mistakes.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is fully customizable. That means you can upload your company's logo and favicon, add contact info, links to your website, and create custom pricing, as well as SEO consulting pages.

Attention to detail

And it's not just technical issues. Hiring an SEO expert allows the customer to be confident that their website will be fully optimized. This is especially important for landing pages, on which conversions and profits depend.

There are so many factors that need to be considered for successful website optimization and promotion. And many points are not so obvious, although in combination they can have a significant impact on the final result. Not all things can be detected by scanning programs, which makes a thorough analysis by a specialist very important.

Desire to learn

Everything changes very quickly in SEO and digital marketing, so for a person who works in this field, constant learning about new things is a completely natural state. Believe it or not, this is also a skill and a skill that needs to be developed.

Some people choose to just end their day at work and then return home and do other things. But those for whom their work is not just a profession, but a vocation, cannot just take it and stop there. Own experiments, personal projects, the search for new and interesting ways to promote - all this is a natural state for a true worker.


As you can see, a good specialist should not only understand SEO but also possess several other equally important skills. Determine which of these you still have to develop and work on growing in that direction. It's not easy, but possible if you are passionate enough about what you love.

Competition in the market is growing, and to remain in demand and a highly paid specialist, you need to work well not only on projects but also on yourself.

What professional qualities and skills do you think are important for an SEO specialist?

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